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TIME:  5 class hours + 1 hour light lunch (included)

COST: Up to 3 people $500

$100 for each additional person (up to 12 total)

DATES: Call to schedule

During the workshop, the horses will be at liberty to interact with participants.

Workshop activities include:

1.  Experiencing mindfulness in order to be present.

2.  Learning a breathing technique for immediate relaxation.

3.  Learning a grounding exercise, allowing the horses’ energy to aid us in staying grounded and present.

4.  Learning how to scan our own bodies for areas of tension, and techniques for releasing those areas.

5.  Experiencing a meditation sitting in a chair.

6.  Experiencing a walking meditation.

7.  Learning three basic qigong movements to increase the flow of our energy.

8.  An equine assisted exercise focused on shrinking a specific life stress.

Stress Relief Workshop 

Why Include Horses in Stress Relief?

Have you ever wanted to be as “healthy as a horse?” Most horses do not suffer from stress induced disease, because they are grounded and live in the “present.” People are different than horses. The Stress Management Society believes that stress triggers 70% of visits to the doctors and 85% of serious illness.  Interacting with horses is a great way to relieve stress. If we want to connect with them, we must be able to be present, grounded, and relaxed.  They are not anxious (thinking about the future) or depressed (thinking about the past).  Horses give immediate feedback on a person’s emotional state, which is why they are so effective for teaching stress relief techniques.

Breathing with and touching the horses accelerates the experiential learning so it will be longer lasting and more impactful.  The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi cites medical studies showing the value of tai chi and qigong on long-term stress reduction and improvement in cognitive function. Horse-assisted somatic or "of the body" learning, in combination with stress reduction techniques offered in class, will help you establish a daily practice for integrating your physical movements and senses with your intellect, emotions, and intuition. 

​There is NO riding in this workshop, and no horse experience required.