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Why Include Horses in Meditation Training?

Horses are prey animals and have evolved with keen intuitive abilities to keep them alive.  Horses have a natural sensitivity to their surroundings that helps them survive and thrive.  When we enter their realm, they challenge us to be aware of our thoughts, emotions, and actions.  Interacting with horses is a great way to relieve stress by learning to be present, by joining them in their world. They live in the present. They are not anxious (thinking about the future) or depressed (thinking about the past).  Horses can reveal if a person is authentic, grounded and present.


The Activities

This class focuses on learning how to “be,” instead of always needing to “do.” It takes place out in nature, on a beautiful farm in Paint Rock Valley, AL.

1. In order to be mindful, we must learn to observe our thoughts.  Noting and just observing thoughts can be difficult in the beginning. We start training our minds and raising awareness through observing the horses, their environment, and noticing our dominant thoughts.
2. Breathing is a key focus of being present. We will learn and practice a breathing technique for immediate relaxation.
3. We will learn a grounding exercise, allowing the horses’ energy to aid us in staying grounded and present.
4. We will learn how to scan our own bodies for areas of tension, or areas needing release.
5. We will learn and practice a meditation sitting in a chair, while the horses circulate among us.
6. We will learn and practice a walking meditation, in an area with horses at liberty.

TIME:  2 class hours
COST: Up to 2 people $250
$100 for each additional person (12 total)
DATES: Call to schedule

Join one of our scheduled classes, or you can bring your own group.

T​here is NO riding in this workshop, and no horse experience required.

Workshop: Meditation for Busy Minds