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Horses and the Human Energy System

During this workshop, you will become aware of your own personal energy system and learn techniques to manage and control your energy and emotions. You will then participate in some uniquely structured, on the ground, interactive horse activities to provide powerful insight for tangible personal change (i.e. better communication, improved leadership, improved emotional control, etc.)

Workshop activities include:

1. A pre interview to ensure the workshop structure will provide the most benefit to the participants

2. Choosing a particular goal to focus on achieving

3. Basics of the human energy system

4. Experiencing your personal energy field

5. Grounding, breathing and meditation exercises

6. Specific, interactive, ground exercise with the horses

7. Discussion of insight outcomes

There is NO riding in this workshop, and no horse experience required.

Energize Your Potential Workshop

TIME:  2 class hours
COST:  $250 minimum 2 people

$100 for each additional person
DATES: Join one of our scheduled classes or bring your own group


Something this workshop revealed about your life: 

"Identifying my priorities and the order I place them bleeds into the way others perceive my priorities and how they treat me."  - Doreen G.