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This highly interactive team building program strengthens every aspect of team leadership, membership, and personal interaction skills. Through this workshop, the participants will develop stronger team cohesion, learn effective communication skills, gain self insight, and gain an appreciation of how team members’ differences are critical to project success and organizational effectiveness. Participants will experience how diversity in communication style and operating preferences can negatively impact a team project and how to use those differences as strengths. The program will challenge team members to examine their own strengths and opportunities for growth, while appreciating the diversity of each member of the team.

Building High Performance Teams

Your survival at work may depend on how you communicate and work with other people. It's not easy being a good team member!  Even the best teams, with the most well-intentioned colleagues, can encounter problems that hinder their collective accomplishments. Teambuilding is key to the success of any group. However, the challenge is creating opportunities for people to connect and interact in meaningful ways, outside of regular meetings or presentations.

  • Do you need to improve team communication so everyone’s ideas are heard?
  • Does your team need some help working toward specific goals?
  • Do your team members need to learn the value and strengths of everyone?
  • Would you like team members to be able to respond calmly and with focus under pressure?

TIME:  6 class hours + 1 hour light lunch (included)
$150 per team member, minimum of $1500 for teams of  10 and under
Pre-evaluation required
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