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Experiential learning is far more effective in creating lasting change than the classroom lecture style of training.  We introduce the concepts in the classroom, and then the participants practice the concepts by working with our equine partners.  The horses are perfect practice partners because they are keenly aware of human intent, and give immediate, non judgmental feedback to participants. Participants then have the opportunity to adjust their behaviors and approach to create a more effective outcome. During the post exercise debrief, the participants are guided to realize insights related to how changing their internal dialogue and body language impacted the horses’ behavior. This facilitation process allows the participants to identify their own challenges and find their own solutions, which solidifies the learning and creates lasting change. 

TetraMap Assessment Tool

Relationships are complex, even in the best circumstances!  At some point in most relationships, one person may become frustrated and start to wonder why the other is acting like “that,” and what can be done to improve the interaction. We use a personality assessment tool called TetraMap to understand the four personality types based on the elements found in nature.  The first part of the assessment helps you understand what drives your own personal preferences, motivations, and desires. Once you understand yourself in relation to the TetraMap elements, you can easily understand others’ behavior, and what is driving their preferences.  Once you understand the nature of each element, how it reacts under pressure, and how to turn it into a strength, you will find that your leadership, communication skills, and personal interaction style will become exponentially more effective.  Learning about TetraMap is in a classroom setting, but you practice the skills in experiential exercises.

The Horses

One of the things that make our program special is that we incorporate horses into the program.  During controlled, goal specific exercises, our horses give immediate feedback on how clients are applying the skills they learn (from the ground, no riding). It is an experiential leadership/communications laboratory. You can fool a person, but you can’t lie to a horse! 

The Human Energy System

In order to understand how others (including the horses) are responding to you, you must become aware of your personal energy system, and what type of “intent” and non verbal cues you are projecting to others.  Managing your energy system prevents you from overacting under stress, allows you to maintain focus, and keeps the lines of communication open and effective. Leaning to manage your energy system is an experiential activity that may include visualization, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practice.

Energize Your Potential to Live an Extraordinary Life

Welcome to Energize Your Potential! We offer programs for groups and individuals who want to exponentially increase their skills in leadership, communication, team building and personal interaction. We’re different than most programs; although we have classroom components, the majority of the programs are experiential learning (no ”death by Powerpoint!”)  There are three main components to our programs:  

  1. The TetraMap personality assessment tool​
  2. Our horses
  3. The human energy system